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PNG open for business, says O'Neill

12 March 2015

RNZI: Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister says there's never been a better time to invest in the country, RNZI reports.

Peter O'Neill made the comment at an Australia PNG Business Council event in Sydney where he highlighted opportunities in areas outside the resources sector.

He outlined government plans to expand the agricultural sector through private sector partnerships in areas such as oil palm, coffee, rubber and other commodities.

The expansion of the tourism sector, including plans for direct international flights to Kokopo, was also discussed.

Mr O'Neill has urged the private sector to take advantage of both current opportunities in PNG and his government's support.

"We are a Government that is very pro-business, we know that business will support our citizens, will provide employment and provide income for our citizens, and that is why we are partnering businesses in many sectors. We are quite happy to expand that partnership as well."

Peter O'Neill