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Preparing to battle drought

24 August 2015

Port Moresby (The National) -  FARMERS in Chimbu have taken measures to help their communities overcome the current dry weather in the province.

Village leader Tobby Sundu said several communities in the Gembogl district, including his bulb onion farming village of Womkama, were affected by drought and frost that has destroyed gardens and dried up water sources, affecting most of the people who depended on agriculture as a source of livelihood.

He said while government support was yet to be provided to affected communities, farmers teamed up to address the issue and came up with solutions, including building of a water supply facility.

“We have heard that there would be government support especially from our local member of parliament but that is yet to eventuate,” Sundi said.

“Food gardens have dried up as well as our water sources with bush fires leaving no grass and trees.

“Because of these we are unable to go into our next bulb onion project although seeds are ready for sowing.

“These are the issues that affecting us had attracted the call for an urgent meeting to find some ways as to how we could manage our family, project and community at large from the El Nino.

“We have asked Oxfam International in PNG who is our current project partner to put up water supply so we could drink and at the same time irrigate our gardens and bulb onion project.

“We have also called on the community not to put up bush fire and restrict villagers not to go out in this heat conditions.”

Sundu said Oxfam International, under its WASH programme had been quick to respond to the community’s troubles by providing water supply materials.