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Divine Word students to sit exams online

26 October 2015

The university’s administration office says the installation of the system was a clear testament to the DWU paperless policy.

It said the online system is catering for every department, particularly the arts and science students to sit for their exams.

The university’s exam timetable already available on the university’s website states that all exams will start today - Monday 26th October and will conclude on Friday 6th 2015.

It was revealed the vision of DWU is to live up to today’s growing technology to ensure DWU students adapt to that as well.

The ICT service of DWU has already created a trial online exam on the university’s website..

The trial version is to ensure students get familiar with it to give them confidence to sit the actual online exams.

The administration said it was history in the making for DWU to go online compared with other universities in PNG which were still on manual methods.

The DWU paperless policy is encouraging students to become more computer literate because all their courses are uploaded on modules instead of carrying lots of books around.

It said DWU was the first university in PNG to introduce e-learning and online exams.

Divine Word University (DWU) is a national university and a leading tertiary institution in Papua New Guinea. Formerly Divine Word Institute, it was established by an Act of Parliament in 1980 and was established as a university in 1996. DWU is ecumenical, coeducational and privately governed with government support.

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