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Juffa sweeps out foreign owned shops

11 January 2016

PACNEWS: Papua New Guinea's Northern Governor Gary Juffa has begun a cleanup of Popondetta Town by closing down all Asian trade stores and fast food outlets.

The action came after numerous complaints about the quality of food produced and sold in these foreign-owned shops.

Governor Juffa said only supermarkets will operate in the province.

He said the sale of expired food, food packets with foreign labels and food that's often unfit for human consumption is reasons for the closure of foreign owned businesses in the township.

In addition, many of the businesses were operating with contracts that are unlawful and illegal.

Juffa said the small Asian shops do not contribute to the local economy in any way, and most are rude, disrespectful and abusive towards local people.

He said the next step in the clean up exercise would be to deport the foreign business people or lock them up.