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  • Sep

ON Monday 28th August 2017, the Prime Minister’s Motion to withdraw the Anti-Corruption Bill passed through the Parliament floor, with the support of the following Members of Parliaments.

  • 22
  • Aug

Welcome to our discussion and this week we will look at the topic “Integrity” under our main theme “The essentials of Life.” In the light of recent developments of sacking and termination of high profile officers within the public service, I believe, this is a topic worth looking at for our discussion.

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  • Aug

Solomon Islands Students Associations (SISA) have conducted a joint investigation with the Education Attaché to verify the unruly behaviour of the students that caused disturbances to their neighbours in Fiji.

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  • Aug

I have read the articles by George Satu (“Satu”) published in the Solomon Star on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th August 2017 in which he has made certain allegations against the PS and the Minister for Communication & Aviation (“MCA”) as well as myself and my wife and son.

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  • Aug

During last week, the National Referral Hospital [NRH]’s Medical Laboratory installed a new biochemistry analyser.

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  • Aug

COMMUNICATION and Aviation minister Peter Shanel Agovaka has asked for justice to be served – refer to your lead story on page 3 Issue No. 6668.

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  • Aug

ALLOW me to respond to an article by AATAI JOHN of Solomon Star issue 6667 dated 9 August 2017.

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  • May

THIS is a momentous occasion in the history of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF);  major milestone in the re-building and resurrecting of the RSIPF.

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  • Dec

AS 2016 draws to a close, I am particularly pleased to see this year has seen the spotlight focus more on the needs of the disabled in our community and their rights.

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  • Nov

"BOTH now and then, we had to accept your eternal wars.  And patiently we forgave whatever you did.  You didn’t receive critics – you were our idol.  But we did understand your play.  When we smilingly asked you “How did your peace negotiations go?  Did you decide upon peace?”  The man said: “Don’t bother.  Leave me alone” – and I silenced.”

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