TOUGH CALL - Solomon Star News


22 May 2018
Solomon Warriors president, Honourable Bodo Dettke.

SOLOMON Warriors Football Club (FC) president, Honourable Bodo Dettke has strongly urged the Warriors team to give more sacrifices in their preparation for the upcoming Telekom S-league (TSL) competition and the TSL competition.

Dettke made the call during the Solomon Warriors Football Club presentation of awards over the weekend.

Warriors eyes to make another impressive season this time round with the aim going further than the quarter finals in the Oceania Champions League.

The club boss said that to be successful everyone must give more sacrifice and commitment as all the TSL clubs will be tough in the upcoming season and will try their best to topple Warriors.

“For sure it will be tough next season, just because you say you are the best does not mean you relax, you must be prepared.

“You must show full commitment, discipline in training and other club’s programs.

“We want to see a repeat of a successful season so you must give more sacrifice than ever before because all the other clubs are aiming for the TSL title

“It’s not only you players that need to give more sacrifice but all of us.

“There is always a time for everything, when it’s game time, stay focus, committed, disciplined then we can repeat another successful season,” he said.

Mrs Diane Dettke made a similar call, stressing that there will be strict discipline put in place.

She congratulated the team for winning both the TSL competitions and stressed the team must be more disciplined to go that far.

“You have made it in winning both the TSL competitions but there is still one box to tick.

“So this year it will be very tough, so discipline, your smoking, drinking and betel nut are going to be cut out, if you continue on those things you’re going to be left out of the team,” she stressed.