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Kia joins new boxing club

18 June 2018
Lamuel Silcia (Left) and Henry Kia (Right).

HENRY Kia has left the SINU boxing club to join Covenant Boxing Club, following a sealed deal recently.

The young boxer who has represented Solomon Islands in recent boxing tournaments overseas said, he left his former club ‘looking for greener pasture’.

He was officially released by the Honiara Amateur Association (HABA) to join his new club.

“I have decided to accept the deal because the club management plans to send boxers overseas to train under qualified and equipped clubs,” Kia said.

He praised the HABA for organizing the Fortnight Bouts, as it gives boxers the ability and opportunity to expose themselves.

However, he stressed that boxing clubs need to be serious in the development of the players and the game itself.

The experienced boxer said, local clubs need to seek support overseas to help boost the upbringing of amateur boxers in the country.

“Clubs in Honiara must seek partnership with boxing clubs overseas for training scholarship or workshop.

“This to further improve our local boxers,” he assured.

Meanwhile, the Shortland Islander would like to thank his former club SINUBC for believing in him and the coaches for their guidance and professionalism in his upbringing, since joining the team.

“I just want to thank SINU boxing club and the coaches for their commitment and hard work to mentor me to be someone.

“I must thank SINUBC for shaping me to becoming one of the recognized boxers of the HABA,” Kia added.

Kia has represented the country in three different occasions, where he received well deserved awards.

In 2016 he went to Cairns; Golden State Tournament in Australia, and won Silver.

Last year, he represented Solomon Islands with other boxers to fight at the Pacific Mini-Games in Vanuatu. He won the Bronze medal.

His latest appearance was at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. He failed to win any medal, but was a proud fighter in the end.