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Yandina futsal reach 2nd stage

12 July 2018

SEMI-FINALISTS of the 10thannual Russell Islands futsal competition currently underway in Yandina, Central province, will be known today after the completion of the second stage matches.

President of the Central Football Association (CIP) Tomme Kiki confirmed this to Star Sports last night from Yandina.

“Our semifinalists for this 10th annual fustal competition,which started on Monday this week, will be known tomorrow (today),’’ Kiki said.

He said at this stage, it’s still difficult to say who will win the competition because all teams are performing well.

Kiki added the competition has also attracted futsal fans and supporters around the islands, who are coming out to cheer their teams.

“This tournament has driven more futsal fans and supporters here in Yandina and surrounding islands which I am pleased,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Kiki said grand finals of the competition will be staged on Friday to be followed by prize presentation.