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Central aims to produce stars

12 July 2018

PRESIDENT of the Central Province Football Association is optimistic his association will continue to produce future Kurukuru stars.

Tomme Kiki echoed this in an interview with Star Sports last night, as the 10th annual Russell Islands Football Association futsal competition currently underway in Yandina enters second stage.

 “The outcome of this annual competition has already seen three players previously selected into the national Kurukuru squad,’’ Kiki said.

“If AlwinHou, John Wane and Paul Laki can make it to the national Kurukuru squad, there’s no doubt other grassroots players in Russell Islands will definitely   follow the same path,” he added.

“The result of this annual competition is already there with the selection of these three players into the national squad.

“I am sure this achievement will inspire more locals here to follow the same path the three players had gone through.

“These three players started playing futsal in this competition in their early days and make their way into national squad,’’ he said.

Kiki said he was proud of the achievement players from his association havemake, adding his aim is to continue mentor players to make their way into the national Kurukuru squad.

Meanwhile, the 10th annual Russell Islands Football Association futsal competition will determine their semifinalists after today’s final stage two matches.