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NOCSI: Take precaution

29 March 2020
Martin Rara.

The National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) has called on all provincial sports associations and athletes to take extra precautions against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

NOCSI President Martin Rara urged all athletes to maintain hygiene during the break.

“As the President of the Olympic Committee, I would like all provincial athletes to consider your health and the health of your family as a priority at this time as we continue to wait and protect our country and communities from this deadly virus. 

“Everyone must continue to maintain hygiene in our homes and where we are staying. 

“Always remember to take extra precautionary measures as we continue to battle against this virus,” he said.

Rara also called on the parents and guardians of the athletes to help keep the athletes safe.

He highlighted that some athlete may take advantage of the situation and go astray doing drugs or other unwanted activities.

“While the athletes spend most of their time at home please ensure that you take control of what your sons and daughters take in. 

“Some athletes tend to take advantage of the situation and get involved in unwanted activities. 

“Health is everyone’s business and therefore we must be reaching out to each other as we battle this deadly virus,” he added.

 At the moment, only some of the sports events in the provinces are continuing.

Every sports event in Honiara has been cancelled and postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.