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Peace dart champ set

14 April 2014

The annual Zomo peace darts tournament sponsored by Our Telekom, Our Number 1 Solomon company, is on again this Easter at Gizo.

The tournament is being held at Gizo from this Friday 18th to Monday 21st April during the Easter break.

The purpose of the annual Easter dart tournament is to bring Zomo club members together to strengthen the Zomo network and foster friendship and Peace across communities. This year’s theme for the Gizo event is “Shoot for Maturity & Advancement for Social Harmony”

Participation in the renowned regional dart tournament is by invitation only.

The annual Easter Zomo darts tournament has been held in the Western Province for several years now.

In recent years the tournament attracted participation from other none Zomo affiliated teams, mainly from Honiara.

This year invitations and participation will only be for affiliated Zomo clubs only.

Last year’s Zomo darts tournament was held at the Tuna Capital NORO and EDM bullets of Honiara took the champion trophy.

EDM Bullets is a Honiara based team comprised of top shooters from around Honiara. The dart club was initially started by Hon. Elijah Doro Muale, thus the name EDM.

Over the years the club was kept alive by veteran dart players like Ronny, Buga and other players, mostly from the former Real Coastal dart club. EDM Bullets have put together possibly two teams and have departed for Gizo on MV Fair Glory on Sunday.

EDM Bullets is the current Zomo Easter Dart Champion and have vowed to defend their title with zeal.

Last year only one team from Western province, the Munda Belama Dart team sponsored by Peter Boyers and led by Charismatic players like Andy Hitu, Wrightson Kea, Solomon Soakai and Kawaka made it to the prize position winning the second prize.

This year the tournament will attract more teams from around Gizo, including teams from Noro, Ringi, Munda, Taro including a new comer from Vella La Vella.

The Western Region Zomo Association thanked Our Telekom for its continuous support through sponsoring major silverware - trophies, medals & other prizes.
Apart from playing darts, the participating teams also will take part in a charity event at Gizo.

In 2012 the dart players helped cleaned up around the Helena Goldie Hospital at Munda.

In 2013, Zomo players assisted in repair & maintenance work for the Noro Clinic. This year a charity at Gizo will be selected to receive assistance from the Zomo club members.

Zomo is a social movement with a diverse membership network covering different people from various works of life, islands & languages across Solomon Islands.
The movement has regional branches in Honiara, Auki, Western & Choiseul province.

Currently only the Western Region branch has been active in organising activities for its members.

Apart from the annual Easter Dart tournament, the Western Region Zomo branch also organises charity events and Christmas activities for its members.