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Unfit players: Fiji 7s coach

16 June 2016

SUVA, (FIJI TIMES) - Vodafone  7s coach Ben Ryan has put our national sevens players on a strict diet and strenuous training to get them in form for the 2016 Rio Olympics, which is only eight weeks away.

Back from their two-week break after the HSBC London 7s and in their second day of camp, Ryan wasn't happy with their fitness level, admitting some may have over indulged during their break.

On Monday, Ryan put the players through five rounds of the yoyo or fitness tests, but no one was close to his target of 22.

"But I had to set the standard. My first training session back off to winning the world title could not be easy one," Ryan said.

"So, to do five yoyo tests in a row was hard for them, but I think it reminds them that they have got to be doing everything they possibly can.

"It's no good training really well here and then they go and eat rubbish off the field at the weekend.

"Everything has got to be perfect. The public demands that now.

"We have all got eight weeks where we have got to give up whatever for the sake of the team to get everyone in their best shape.

"So, fitness is my number one my priority at the moment. Because we know how to play, but we have a few little things we will change on the field. But really we operate best when we're fit, strong, powerful and healthy — and all those things are paramount for us within the next few weeks."

Off their meals are carbohydrates — bread, wraps, pasta, cassava, dalo, and rice replaced by lean proteins.
"There's plenty of work to do. Certainly, we won't be in the right shape if we have to play a tournament this weekend, that's for sure," Ryan said.