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Hekari prepare for O'League

25 March 2014

The eighth attempt for Hekari FC in the Oceania Championship League (O’League) challenge begins in less than three weeks.

The O’League race for Hekari FC started in 2007 and have maintained its form back at local turf.

 They will attend this year’s O’League challenge in Fiji.
The Southern Highlands franchise has also driven the name of PNG Football Association (PNGFA) right across the Pacific Region including Australia and New Zealand and the world.
In 2010 they beat Waitakere United FC of New Zealand at Waitakere’s own turf and attended the FIFA club World Cup challenge at Abi Dhabi in 2010.

Hekari FC will be among 11 participating teams in the Oceania Region who will all meet in the one week Oceania Champions League challenge in Fiji starting next month.
Hekari FC has three more local Telikom National Soccer League match to pitch some more of the areas they have been working on time and finally heading to Fiji in the first week of April for the O’League qualifying tournament.