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Congratulations SIDT

08 May 2012

Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) has come a long way - 30 years on now since its inception in 6th May 1982.

Since Sunday SIDT workers kicked off a week-long worthwhile well-deserve anniversary celebrations in Honiara.

SIDT is a non-government organisation (NGO) founded with the aim of helping villagers improve their livelihood.

Today the work of this organisation in our rural areas and communities had been recognised.

Its a dream come true for the founder Dr John Roughan to get this organisation up and running to where it is now.

SIDT has indeed acts as a pillar of change in our rural communities.

The birth of SIDT sets a new era in local development for this country, where it wanted to draw in all villages, all people and all nation to make them dynamic influence in national growth.

SIDT work plan and message was simple; “strong villages make for a strong nation. Villages are strong when led by solid leaders, when people work together to create wealth from their own resources and when they share a vision for the future.”

From a humble beginning, SIDT today has grown from strength to strength while continuing with their work to advocate for changes.

 SIDT collects, creates and share multimedia information resources that are useful and appropriate for villagers to understand and make wise decisions.

It helped communities to achieve dreams of having good quality of life as in rural water supply and sanitation, disaster awareness and preparation, population education, resource management and quality of village life, fighting and controlling Malaria, AIDS, Human Rights- advocate to stop Violence against Women and Children, environment and conservation, life skills and sequence of trainings on inclusive participation, awareness of election just to name a few.

The impact of SIDT activities in the rural areas must be commended because this is supporting the government in raising awareness in issues related to this country.

Close to 80 percent of our people are living in the rural areas and what SIDT had done is beneficial to them.

As a long serving NGO their work contributed to changes and improve the lives of the people in our rural communities.

As the celebrations continues throughout this week, SIDT, its workers, supporters and the founder must be congratulated.

Keep up the excellent work!