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Let's be on alert

13 July 2014

The news of the deadly disease which had claimed four young lives so far in Makira province should not be taken lightly.

Children are vulnerable to this disease which was said to have associated features of Meningococcal disease.

Its an infection caused by the bacterium called Neisseria meningitidis and carries a high mortality rate if untreated. This disease is more damaging and dangerous.

It’s a sad story for the village Ghoge to have lost young members of their family.

Many more are still at risk of catching the disease because it is spreading already. Many more are being closely monitored at the Kira Kira hospital.

The presence of the disease has caused panic for many people in and around the area.

The Kira Kira medical authority is working around the clock to address the situation by looking after some of the patients which have been admitted.

A team was also sent to the village to investigate the disease.

And because of this disease, its important that the ministry of health and medical services must step into action to address the situation before more lives are taken.

Its important that more resources and expertise are allocated to tackle the disease from spreading from one island to another.

Health authorities must now support the people of Makira province who are facing a big challenge.

This outbreak means there is a need for more surveillance program to our rural communities to advice on how to live healthy and be able to deal with some of the disease when they attack.

In the meantime through out prayers lets remember all those families who lost their loved ones from this deadly disease.