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Maintaining law in Honiara

17 September 2014

ARE Honiara City Council law enforcement officers still serving the public interest?

Are they still there to enforce city by-laws as expected of them?

Or are we now paying them to do nothing when it comes to the maintenance of law and order in Honiara?

Ifthey are no longer capable of enforcing city by-laws, then it’s time we pass on the job to the national police.

For we cannot continue to rely on officers who are no longer serving the public interest.

One of the foremost duties of city law enforcement officers is to keep the streets of Honiara clear of betel nut vendors.

This is important to keep our streets clean and make Honiara a city we can all be proud of.

Keeping Honiara clean is also important for developing our tourism industry. We cannot bring tourists to a city that is dirtied and stained by betel nut.

Today, the betel nut vendors are back occupying every corner of the streets of Honiara. And they are doing it openly, without any concern or fear of being arrested.

This is because the law enforcers, who are supposed to be keeping an eye on these vendors, are not doing their job.

Sadly, some of the law enforcement officers are collaborating with the vendors in return for gifts of betel nut and cigarettes.

Some officers were even seen in front of the betel nut stalls chewing and smoking.

Besides betel nut, other vendors such as those selling mobile phones and other house-hold goods are also back on the streets.

These people have been illegally hawkering on the streets. Their activities were previously put on halt but after a while and due to lack of enforcement, they are visibly back.

Council by-laws prohibit sale of betel nut and other goods on the streets of Honiara.

But lack of enforcement by the city council itself means vendors are free to do as they wish without due regard for the law.

City council authorities have to be upfront and make a decision on this.

If its law enforcement officers are no longer capable of enforcing the law, they should admit it and ask the national police to assist.

This is important for the welfare of Honiara as a city and to ensure laws are upheld and maintained.

We cannot allow Honiara to be over-run by people who have no regard for the law.