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Sogavare is back in charge

09 December 2014

MANASSEH Sogavare will lead the country again for the next four years.

Parliament gave him the mandate during yesterday’s election. We join well-wishers to congratulate him on his victory.

Mr Sogavare is not new to this job.

In 2000, the East Choiseul MP took over the helm of the nation’s leadership after then prime minister the late Bartholomew Ulufa’alu was deposed in a coup.

He was prime minister for just about a year.

In 2006 after he secured his seat for a third term, and after a political-related riot that saw the destruction of Chinatown, Mr Sogavare emerged and grabbed the top job for the second time.

But his reign at the top was short-lived after members of his government deserted him following his decision to appoint Fiji-born Australian lawyer Julian Moti as the country’s Attorney General.

He was removed in a no-confidence vote after just a year on the job.

However, since 2007 Mr Sogavare has built himself into the kind of leader and politician that the nation can truly rely on and trust.

His performance in the last House was profoundly outstanding.

A survey Transparency Solomon Islands conducted into the performances of MPs in parliament revealed he attended most sessions and contributed highly to debates.

In other words, Mr Sogavare placed himself on a platform ready to take on the helm for the third time.

We hope that this round, he will be given the chance to implement what he and his government have for the next four years.

The challenges ahead are too many, but with vision and foresightedness, we hope Mr Sogavare and his team will bring the changes our nation longs for.

On the same vein, let’s thank outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo for his contribution and service to the country.

Now that the intense lobby is over, it’s time to get down to business.

There’s no time for complacency.