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Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

31 December 2014

WE’VE come to the end of another year.

When we wake up tomorrow, 2014 will be gone and we’ll have 2015.

What a year it was!

We take this opportunity to thank our readers and advertisers. You have been part of our journey this year. Without you, we cannot come this far.

We also wish to thank those who have contributed letters, private views, and news articles to the paper this year.

Thank you for taking it with us on these pages. It’s been quite a ride.

Together, we have raised issues, debated government policies, questioned, answered and exchanged ideas in editorials, columns and letters.

As American playwright and essayist Arthur Asher Miller mused in 1961, a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.

We could not be that newspaper without the varied contributions and comments many of you have sent and published in the Solomon Star.

At the end of the day, we are only a channel through which Solomon Islanders expressed their views and opinions to their government and to other Solomon Islanders.

We have strived to live up to the nation’s expectations in our role as guardian, provider, and disseminator of news.

But on many occasions we have failed to live up to that expectation. All we can say is we are sorry.

We hope that as we enter the New Year, we will together continue to work hand in hand to exchange views, share our opinions, and keep our people and nation informed.

Information, as they say, is power. A well-informed people will be able to make informed choices.

This is what we wish for our people.

That as we enter 2015, we will keep informing each other of what’s going on within and outside our country, what our government is doing and is planning to do, and what other Solomon Islanders are doing to develop our nation.

In this day and age, keeping up-to-date with the latest news is as important as staying close and in regular contacts with family members.

In a few hours, 2014 will be gone forever.

If we’ve hurt someone through our publication this year, we are sorry.

If we’ve published something that is found later to be not true, we are sorry.

If we’ve failed to live up to the public’s expectations this year, it was because we are just humans.

Like in 2014, the New Year will bring with it its own challenges and opportunities.

Let’s enter together as a nation.

As a newspaper, we hope you’ll continue the journey with us into 2015.