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Yes, it would be too early!

13 January 2015

THE opposition leader Jeremiah Manele has said the right thing yesterday that a motion of no confidence in the DCC government would be too early.

This paper on Monday ran a front page article quoting a reliable opposition insider revealing an open plan by the opposition group of a possibility to move a motion once budget is passed.

Every Solomon Islander no doubt would not welcome such moves especially when there were no good reasons that warrant such move.

Having said that, the opposition group has the democratic right to test the government if and when they see it fit.

But not when there are no major cracks or splits in the government over any controversial issues that really wows the public in a negative way.

This government has publicly declared and have shown sheer determination to move this country forward, therefore when petty issues such as the one over political appointments arises, they should be addressed appropriately through right channels and allow the governing group to prove themselves.

This is not to say we’re supporting the current regime. The plea for change is overwhelmingly deafening and change can only come when there is political stability in a political term that allows a government to fulfill its aspirations and policies.

So, it must be clearly said that a motion of no confidence would be too early, but again based on assessment of the solidarity of the current regime.

Let us accept the fact that change comes with disagreements and the government must make decisions that no doubt will attract criticisms and disagreements from various groups and people.

But the government must not be too bothered on minority groups and individuals who scream out loud when a decision weighed against public interest is made for the betterment of the country.

As such, any motion of no confidence at this stage would only be booed by the public given the fact that there are no good reasons for it.

The Opposition is an alternate government, therefore while providing an aggressive watchdog role to the government, they should also work alongside the government in ensuring goals are achieved.

After all, our aim is to move this country forward. People voted in MPs to make changes to their constituencies and lives but not for as opposition members to development policies.

As such, the opposition leader must be commended for clarifying the opposition’s intention not to move any motion of no confidence at this stage.

That is logically a demonstration of the support we want for the government to implement its policies and take this country forward.

Just keep watching and barking, the country needs our cooperation.