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Urgent need to police the common border

20 May 2015

The need for police and immigration presence at our common border with neighbours Papua New Guinea is urgent than even.

Right now, the border was left unattended by these responsible authorities.

While historically people living on both sides of the border were blood related, this does not mean cross-border activities should be allowed to go unmanned.

We now live and operate in a different day and age.

Chances of criminals taking advantage of the unmanned common border are highly possible.

Recent events at the border where villagers in the Shortlands are being harassed by armed Bougainvilleans are testimony to this.

After police dispatched a team of investigators in response to the harassments, three firearms – two riffles and a pistol – were seized on Mono island.

This again, is prove, that arms were moving freely across the border, much to the people’s detriment.

The Government has a responsibility towards the peace and security of our people living on this side of the border.

The Papua New Guinea government, likewise, has similar responsibility to its citizens on the other side.

It is in the interest of the people on both sides of the border that the Solomon Islands and PNG governments act quickly to monitor the movement of people across the common border.

Both governments should urgently hold talks focusing on re-establishment the police and immigration on both sides.

This is to ensure would-be criminals planning taking advantage of the unmanned border think twice before doing what they plan to do.

Boungainvilleans and Shortland islanders deserve to live in peace without disturbances or harassments from cross border raiders.

It is more urgent than ever that the national government moves in quickly to station police and immigration officers at the common border.