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Thank you readers, parents

19 January 2014

WE thank our readers and the Honiara public for your patience yesterday.

We know you all have been waiting anxiously for the school results of our children, the first of which was published yesterday.

We’ve put everything in place ahead of yesterday’s print to ensure the paper gets out as early as possible for the public to read.

Unfortunately, despite the best of efforts everyone in the team contributed to getting the paper out in time, we encountered a minor problem with our printing machine just before the paper was ready to roll.

This delayed our printers for several hours as they worked their guts out to resolve the problem.

They successfully did and the papers hit the streets around midday.

Our apologies if we keep you waiting for that long, let alone in yesterday’s big wet.

It is not our intention to hold on to or delay the paper. It was just those kinds of situations that occurred when you don’t expect them to happen.

But we believe most, if not all, families/parents got a copy of the paper yesterday to see where their child/children will study this year.

We’ve made a huge run of more than 10,000 copies to ensure those wanting to see the results access the newspaper.

Today, we bring you the 2014 placements for form 4. Tomorrow, we hope to publish the form six placements.

We also wish to acknowledge the decision the Ministry of Education took to delay the 2014 academic year by a week.

The decision is timely in light of the late release of the school results.

The week should give parents ample time to prepare their children for the school year ahead.

We wish our students another fruitful year of learning.