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Stop such brutal attack

16 January 2014

The early morning attack on Brother George last Friday by some thugs should be condemned to its strongest term.

It’s a cruel act coming from some selfish-minded people who are trying to take advantage of some few kind hearted people who are supporting the work of disable training in the country.

Whoever, that is responsible for this attack should be found and brought to face justice for their actions.

It shows they have a sick mind and attitude and have no respect for the disability community more so the good work of such people like Br George.

Its such a shame.

Its this type of people like who attacked innocent people that should actively support and protect the centre.

Brother George has dedicated most of his time and resources to support the work of disability in the country through San Isidro centre based at Aruligo in North West Guadalcanal.

Such attack is not doing any good for this country which is still recovering from its own social, law and order situation.

We should let such an incident happen in our communities.

Whatever the motive and reasons for the attack, it shows people have no respect at all.


Therefore its important that parents, community leaders and elders must educate our children to have respect for others.

It also shows the huge responsibility national, community and church leaders must take to help our people especially the unemployed youths.

We should appreciate people like Br George who are helping our children to gain skills through the various training they have undertaken.

The community in and around Aruligo must help the police to find the culprits.

So that they can face the law for their deeds.