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Sort out teachers’ traveling allowances

24 December 2013

Frustration, confusion and disappointment are some of the things going through most of the teachers residing in the urban centres especially in Honiara.

This is because most of them have yet to receive their traveling allowances or if they did the amount is just unbearable because its just insufficient.

Some of the teachers in Honiara claimed to have received only $300.00 as their traveling allowance for this year.

This amount can only buy a 10kg bag of rice and boat fare for one person.

Thus, they have all the reasons for to express their disappointments with the amount being paid.

In the provinces, some of the teachers are still waiting for any payments.

Such delay in releasing of traveling allowances and being underpaid is not a new problem.

It happens year in, year out and the scenario remains with teachers are being victimised every year.

Nothing has changed much when it comes to travelling allowances.

Early this year, during the strike action taken by the teachers, this issue of traveling allowances was one of the issues.

Government promised to address that. But since the closure of the academic year late last month, many teachers are still living in Honiara or other provincial centres.

And because of the insufficient amount being paid, most teachers may not be heading home this week before the Christmas Day on Wednesday.

Government through the ministry of education and the education authorities know very well that every December teachers and their families are always looking forward to go home to spend their festive celebrations at their villages.

The situation here had denied their rights to travel back to their provinces to spend time with their families and relatives while celebrating the festive season.

Whoever is responsible for the delay or the insufficient payment should realise the frustration that is having on our hardworking teachers.

Be in their shoes to experience their feelings.

Whatever the reasons for all of this, the responsible authorities should come out and explain the situation to them.

Keeping them in darkness is not doing any good.

Lack of addressing the problem now may delay the opening of the 2014 academic year because some teachers who are really at the provinces will have the excuse of saying they don’t have enough fare to return to their work place.