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Lake Tengano

17 February 2014

Dear Editor – The Renbel premier exposed his threats to commercialize the lake Tegano world heritage site prompt me to respond very brief.

Whilst I acknowledge your democratic right, I however condemned your initiatives to support the proposal loggings and mining. I do believe the whole people of east Rennell are with me to stand and fight for such destructive development you proposed.

The national govt has just passed new national protected areas legislation in 2010 and administered by the ministry of Environment.

This agency now has primary government responsibility for the lake Tegano world heritage and is the official state party contact point on the world heritage.

Our newly elected committee is now working in a legal frame work to legally protect the site. Its not that easy. Currently we are working in the 2nd draft management plan.

In 2012 the national govt recognised the malnutrition growth of this world heritage program and taking a first step in supporting the heritage program. 

Early in 2013 the national govt assisted the lake Tengano world heritage with half a million of dollars mainly for capacity buildings, workshops trainings and  community projects  to assist the livelihood of the people

Unfortunately the first phase of the fund had been diverted and distorted  by our Premier, LenceTangosia. He then arranged the payment and changed the signatories of the account without consulting the local committee, and he is one of the signatories.

It was meant for his accessibility and interests. The second phase had been freezed due to the unjustified retirement.

I was assured, that the second phase is there to use but the ministry is not satisfied with the operation of the cheque account. I want to applaud the national govt for the initial support and recognising our world heritage program.

I believe the premier is the only one in east Rennell that benefitted in the world heritage program. His accommodation, hiring land transport and lake transport (OBM).

About 70% of the first phase payment received by the premier. This was revealed in the retirement of the first phase payment.

It stresses out the poor management leadership to contribute to this program. As a tangible result, there are numerous threats impending the site which eventually led to being in danger list.

Even the premier failed to set up his ordinance. I urged the premier to support the program. We cannot achieve good things overnight. Don’t be blinded to grab easy money from loggings and mining.

I understand your view to commercialize the world heritage site has motivated by your frustration, but please lets work together to pursue this program.

If you and I work together to legally protected East Rennell, the beauty of it will be experienced by your offspring and my offspring. Conservation program is  the only development that exactly fit in our environment.


Jorge vai Tauika
East Rennell world heritage site association (ERWHSA)
Renbel province