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Why not others?

17 February 2014

Dear Editor – It is very obvious that the enjoyment of voters’ money held by our respective Members of Parliament have been wrongly used, misused and wrongly converted or diverted for purposes not intended for such. Corruption is over ripe in Parliament, the highest house of the land.

A clear picture is in the front page of today’s (yesterday) paper. Keep it hard and tough Judges and Magistrates of the Courts.

Law enforcement authorities, the judiciary and the police must be given the highest salaries in this country where leaders are too corrupt and not Parliamentarians who can easily pass their own benefits. Shame on you!

The $10million purported scandal in the MHMS and MOF have been politically framed for the interest of other ship owners. It has similar ingredients of the FAKANI claim. Congratulations Mr. Fakani. Who is next?

Some of the issues need proper scrutiny and thorough investigations, especially when our MPs camouflaged the spending of these monies by the so called distribution of iron roofing, ray boats and OBM, nonproductive projects such as honey bees, cattle, shipping and others which are only known to themselves.

They even claimed spending money on projects funded by other aid donors such as schools, clinics, water supply and to name a few.

Before the general election comes home, we must demand the reports from our respective MPs to show:

  1. The amount of money they have in their custody each year?
  2. For what purposes?
  3. The amount of money spent?
  4. Spent on what purpose?
  5. Records to show the number of people have benefited from these monies and how much and on what basis.
  6. Check their spending against aid funded projects because it is obvious that they also claimed to have funded such projects which are not true.

 It is common knowledge that some MPs have been facing criminal charges for the misuse of their respective constituency development funds. Some have been in prison, some are still serving their sentences at the Correctional Services at Rove while some are still on trial.

It is enough to voice our grievances among ourselves, or put something in the media. Such approaches will never ever assist us end these injustice practices.

Let us come out with the power and the rights of being voters, like those who have reported their respective MPs to the police. Let us congratulate them.

Some or most of the rumors we access to may contain facts but we are always keeping these important information to ourselves than giving such to the Commissioner of Police who in turn would direct the NCID carry out full investigations on such allegations.

Two weeks ago the Acting Deputy Principal Magistrate has been implicated in some dealings.

Some months ago some public servants have been suspended from the alleged misuse of the $10millions scandal between MHMS and MOF.

What about our MPs? Are you sure that they are always complying with the procedures, Financial Instructions, not violating the Constitution, not diverting public funds for their own benefits and interests, not diverting allocations from the government Ministries for their own interests or benefits?

We may respect them because they look healthy and shiny but inside of them need major operations.

The only doctors who have the qualifications to operate them are the detectives. We must caution them too because some of their equipment could not operate the MPs because some of the reported cases against the MPs have disappeared miraculously. Did it happen? Yes, indeed!

If our MPs are immune or susceptible to our laws then let us all come under the same privileges and enjoy life as they do. If they are not subject to any of the provisions of our laws of the land, then WHO ARE THEY?

Pipol lo olgeta Islands blo umi, dis taem seleni bae hem flae naravoe nao. Las taem umi no save lukim kaen kaen olsem but destaem pipol wadem stanap na olgeta meba wea ol i stanap finis lo paliment by ol i reris kam lo iu. A big brain verses a person with little knowledge and understanding. Taem ol I tekem bak paoa bao ol I haed moa. Iumi no save lane nao?

Voters, you have the right to report to the police against anyone, including your MP if you suspect that he misuses public funds, especially RCDF. Who is going to take the lead? May be we will start. Precedence has been well established.

Choiseul Province is miles away from any major projects as other provinces have enjoyed. The seaweeds, the honey bees, the oil palm, the airport, the cocoa and coconut, the fish, the tourism and many more are just ghost projects.

 Government projects are subject to Chiefs and landowners involvement and you ought to know or that you are engaging customary land. Let us hear from you when you come home for detail explanations on your agenda.

If you happen to travel round Choiseul, you hardly see any tangible developments ever existed. Where is the money for tourism already dished out? Can the responsible ministry make a check?

Lastly, I wish to suggest that we, voters apply to the High Court to seek from the court an order to order all MPs publically put in the Solomon Star or any public papers these reports so that all of us can have access to read.

This must be done before they come around for corn-paining in the villages.

L. S Kuma
Voice of the Unfortunate Grassroots Alliance