Acquittals - Solomon Star News


17 February 2014

Dear Editor – If Solomon Islands is to developed economically, it would have done some decades ago as millions of dollars had been pumped into the constituencies for rural development through the MP's.

Today our people including the writer continue to face economic hardships because of lack of economic development in the rural areas.

Why this is happening so is, because acquittals of public funds made MPs are usually false.

Check against acquittals made to Ministry of Rural Development and the rural projects said to have funded, it will be surprising that most are ghost projects which never exist in the constituencies.

We cannot move forward as those in authorities always have conflict of interests.

If we are serious about development, then the Ministry of Rural Development should have a page in this paper publishing the names of funded project in each constituencies with project officers to do follow up visits each time funds are disbursed to MPs or public officers.

Our accounting system has relied on false acquittals for so long that this country is now suffering from its effects.

The progress and the outcomes of our rural development can be measured by actually going out into the rural constituencies and seeing for ourselves the projects.

If nothing like this put in place, how much billions of dollars budgeted for rural development will never go for its intended purpose and our people will continue to face hardships every day of their lives.

John Aonima