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Need a change

17 February 2014

Dear Editor - There are people who claim to be Christians and live with GOD’s living word each day and pray each day for GOD to help them especially manage certain obligations that they wanted to achieve but inside their heart is not clean at all.

And this is a disgrace to GOD himself.

As Christian people we must abide with what Jesus Christ has done for the sake for all human race.

Because of Jesus Christ he saved us from our sins and put a clear picture so that the human race can follow.

Some people now-a-days preach GOD's message but never live with it and how can we define those people, others preach GOD's message but never change their attitude that hurt people feelings in terms of their decision making.

GOD knows every people’s deeds, mind, etc we all cannot hide from GOD's sight HE create us and HE knows all our movement in this world.

Jesus says Love one another as I love you, and we should do that but instead we turn the opposite way.

If we need peace in our country, society and work place then we must love one another with truthfulness.

And put Christ in our heart in everything we do. If we don't live with this saying then it was like what happen in our country, disagreement between employee and employers continue, our Government and her officials etc.

Therefore we need to change from our bad hidden attitude to a new way of life that Jesus Christ has already teach us through the BIBLE.

Furthermore, the BIBLE is so important if you used it wisely and comply with your full truthful heart.

There is a saying and interpretation that ‘BIBLE’ is the Basic Instruction Before Living Earth, and with no doubt I agree with it.

Finally, let all work together and love each other for our peaceful working environment in our country, society and workplace for the benefit of our nation as a whole and proof that SI is a Christian country with passionate love.

Jonathan Tebabusi Tobire