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No development on Renbel

17 February 2014

Dear Editor – I wish to express my concern over the current stature of Renbel provincial government.

I can see the current situation of the Renbel province as chaotic or in our Pidgin version “Olobaot”.

After seceding from the Central province I don’t see advancement in our province. The situation is extremely hard to believe.

Cries and struggles of the people were never heard or addressed. Now the focus question is, when and how would we get out of this hard life to a better life?

Services provided in our province are extremely poor. Let me give you a glimpse of some services.

First the education has been rife by major problems causing a stalemate over the years.

There is lack of proper management by provincial education authorities.

This prompted students and parents alike flooding to Honiara in search of a better education and employment.

I suggest the only resolution to solve these long standing problems is to privatise Renbel education authority.

Second is the medical inadequacy in our province. There is lack of medical supplies in the clinic centres.

For example I witness a girl 7years of age screaming in agony as a nurse attends to her wounded leg with no painkiller injections.

From sympathy and curiosity I asked the nurse about any painkiller/relieving dose and she bitterly replied – out of stock for 2 months ago.

Moreover we have never heard or seen our Renbel doctor for the last three years.

Week ago I saw him cruising fancily with the new provincial medical land cruizer in Honiara whilst critical patient back in the province were transported by logging vehicles to the provincial station- Tingoa to seek medical attention.

Third and most importantly divisions in our province to engage local people supporting livelihood and generating income are the agriculture and fisheries.

Decade had passed and sad to see these ministries malfunction and dormant up to date. From my understanding it is because of officers in each division being unsatisfied with their salaries.

Also a doubt arising in my minds is about uncertainty of the province without a PS, plus the provincial treasurer residing in Malaita disregarding his portfolio.

Payment of provincial employers for 9 has not been done as well.

From observation PGSP funding has been greatly assisted and utilised by other provinces whilst Renbel shows no progression.

Make things worst my consultation with a senior officer from the Provincial Government Strengthening Program confirmed that PGSP funding for Renbel will be terminated simply because lack of coordination.

To deduce I am surprised and confused about Sunday Star issue entitled - Facelift to Renbel capital).

My question is what kind of the two buildings did the Renbel premier boasted about?

Honestly it’s hard to believe when comparing the allocated funds and actual buildings which I would mock saying ‘saed fo pinisim wak nomoa’.

In real the aviation building is more like a public relief room than a descent office.

I know the premier boasted about these new developments because he is a recipient and beneficiary of the project chewing all allocated funds.

With this note I kindly ask the Premier Lence Tango to speak up about real issues left unsolved and not achieved since coming into power.

I understand there will be a full assembly meeting anytime this year. Therefore I urge all provincial members to analyse things and make decisive ways for the betterment of our province.

You cannot hang on these problems now and planning big dreams.

A. Taimamao
Renbel Province