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Teachers seek explanation from Goroka Uni

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – Grateful indeed if you could please allow me a space in your paper to express my views and that of other fellow colleague teachers, concerning the above subject.

Around September last year, there were number of in-service teachers throughout the country both in Honiara and out in provinces who received application forms to take up Bachelor of Education in various fields through a program by Distance & Flexible Learning Mode for this year.

In this regard, firstly I would like to take this chance to acknowledge few hard working individuals who have facilitated this program throughout the country for the tireless effort and the work well done thus, in delivering information’s in relation to the University of Goroka (ID&FL) to us teachers in remote schools regarding this opportunity.

However, as time went by and as the 2014 academic year draws in our hope begins to fade away as we begin to notice that some of the important formalities such as the orientation schedules has been postponed for another week.

Also this is of much concern since we've already deposited into a bank account namely Honiara Educational Freelance Consultancy (HEFC) Bank South Pacific by way of registration for this program.

As a result, this causes a lot of confusion to us and to make it worse some are still uncertain about when are they going to travel back to their respective schools to begin this academic year.

I call on all teachers affected by this to group together and seek explanation from the responsible organization.

We are therefore asking the agent for Goroka University in Honiara to come out publicly and explain the situation to us.

John Elo
Affected teacher