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CSSI leads the way

31 January 2014

Dear Editor - I read with great interest from the Solomon star issue No 5412 Saturday 25 January 2014.

The commissioner mentioned that Correctional Services of Solomon Island is now leading the region in terms of rehabilitating inmates. What a Joke!

As some who knows what’s going on in there, I would say the rehabilitation programmes facilitated in the service are still in the early stages.

How can the commissioner say that when we still sending programme officers to Fiji, to learn from their rehabilitation programmes.

I believe Fiji corrections would top the chart in terms of rehabilitation programmes.

At the moment the programme unit is running out of resources and funds. They would apply for donors in the name of rehabilitation.

But when funds are available they forget the inmates.

They would spend the funds by travelling overseas or within Solomon, enjoying themselves with allowances and in return making false reports that they achieve good results, what a shame.

Auditor General Office should intervene and audit those funds.

The commissioner goes on to say that since taking office he had seen disciplined restored at CSSI and his officers have seen great initiative in the performance of their duty.

That’s another great liar. I must tell the public that within the service, corruption practices was very evident.

Officers from top level to new entry correction officers were being interdicted or terminated for their ill-discipline.

The recent recruitment was not done in a transparent manner. A lot of applicants who scored high either in exam or interview were omitted.

The top level bosses would choose their sons, daughters, relatives, church members and the list goes on. An evidence of corruption practice in the service.

In one of his remarks the commissioner said and I quote “they have been focussing on the principles of continuing improvement to bring about positive changes within the organisation” end of quote.

In any organisation, the director’s post is held by someone who achieved his or her degree or masters.

But for CSSI, it’s being held by unqualified people.

How would you expect the service to move on and claim the best in the region when wrong people in the wrong place.


Hugh Waelo