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Tulagi police not doing their job

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – The central island police at Tulagi are not doing their duty.

Many serious cases have been reported to them but no arrest had been taking place or even writing the reporter’s statement, but instead verbal only.

I wonder why and what is going on in the office of the PPC commander with his core officer.

The question is, do they know their responsibilities?  Or are they just there just waiting for queen visits?

More cases have been reported to them on December last year and all these cases involved assaulting, trespass and property damages but nothing have been done until today.

They contact them for the first serious incident that happened at Hagalu village in Gela for the statement if it already reach them, but they denied it. Within an hour they said it is still with them.

Another incident happened on Saturday last week on the same person threatening a knife with her sister at her house. The incident was reported to them but the officer only sat down listening without taking any statement.

We appeal to the police Commissioner to look seriously at Tulagi police.

People in the surrounding communities have already lost trust in the force. The officers are not doing their job to stop the rise in crime.

We also wanted the police commissioner to send officers from other provinces to be stationed at Tulagi. This is to avoid favouritism and wantok system.

Officers from Gela who are stationed at Tulagi are not doing their work impartially.

Please commissioner of police, can you turn your focus to Tulagi, please!

Ruben Roy
White River