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Permanent political appointee

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – It is very sad indeed for the country that national governments have come and gone over the years, yet one person remains a permanent feature of the national leadership circles.

His name is Dominic (whatever). It seems that in the Prime Minister' office, this person can be whoever he wants to be, say whatever he wants to say, go on overseas trips paid for by the public purse whenever he wants, and seems all powerful!

This is the type of person who thrives and finds ideal for his personal interests the present Cabinet and Caucus set up.

As things have been for so long, Cabinet and Caucus are not based on strong political party systems such as to scrutinise and keep in check the likes of Dominic.

These two bodies are formed basically of very loose individuals pursuing their own personal and political interests.

People like Dominic as they have for so many years are good at capitalising on the greed of politicians in our political, social, and economic context.

I often wondered what qualifications Dominic has, and how special and rare these are to make him possess all the clout he has over the politicians who made him the permanent political appointee he has been all these years.

All the mess, the likes of the 'bech'de-mer' saga and other distortions of national priorities are allegedly the typical creations of the likes Dominic.

They have no election mandate from the people to assume such leadership roles to issue the kind of silly responses Dominic gave to the Hon Leader of Opposition recently.

The likes of Dominic in the place he is are very serious threats to the well-being and image of our beloved Solomon Islands.

Gabriel Taloikwai