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Money is life versus water is life

06 February 2018
A water pipe to Tombe, Viru Harbour. [Photo: Rikz Photography]

Dear Editor – As we have known this term for ages “WATER IS LIFE”, there are uncertainties that this phrase is appropriate for others.

There are a lot of complaints about water problems and water pollution around communities in Solomon Islands and communities struggle to survive due to water shortage and water pollution.

The big question is “Are these logging companies concern about the livelihood of the villagers?”

Resources which people depend on are now being polluted and damaged by the felling operations just for the sake of money.

I can confirm that is what happens at Tombe village, Viru Harbor and I believe other communities face these challenges as well.

Logging companies are too greedy to help communities when they are the very ones doing activities that contribute to the low pressures of water sources and damaging of pipes.

Eagon Pacific Plantation Limited (EPPL) logging company based at Arara camp is answerable for the alleged destruction of the water supply used to distribute almost 20 standing pipes located evenly in the village.

What you see in the picture is current dire state of water tap which supplies the whole community.

More pictures will be provided later to show our leaders and loggers the disadvantages of this industry.

I hope that it will help to serve the interest of our communities which EPPL damages the fragile water ecosystem.

Tombe community population is around 400 and water is an everyday problem for them.

Now the community members have to walk far to fetch water.

Unlike in past years where villagers only access water at home. With the effects of logging, water becomes a burdensome activity.

The community now awaits answers from EPPL. Are they going to restore the damage they have done or empty promises which villagers wait in vain to see its fulfillment?

Report and advice will be submitted to appropriate authorities for legal action.

Eric Sogote’e
Viru Harbour