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Thank You Japan

04 March 2018

Dear Editor – From the North Malaita committees, chiefs, church elders’, and former elites from Arnon Atomea C.H.S and students.

To the government of Japan through its embassy of Solomon Islands grassroots and human security project grant.

From the heart of North Malaita is located Arnon Atomea Community High School.

I would like to stand upright to take this opportunity to say that we’re pleased to claim this huge support that will contribute to the development for the people of North Malaita, Malaita Province and even Solomon Islands.

I just want to emphasise that today is just the beginning of a new relationship to start such a project properly.

We ensure and will strive and commit to initiate this project to exceed the expectation and see the successful completion in the near future.

This is a milestone achievement as a result of a cordial stand form relationship between SI government and Japan.

Thanks for enabling Arnon Atomea CHS to become the recipient amongst the many other attempts that are unfortunate.

Thank you again Lensley Kwaimani and your colleagues for your tireless days and sleepless nights in doing so.

Let alone the upbringing action speaks for its own purpose for the children of North Malaita in education from this generation to the next.

And will uphold the evident support from the Embassy of Japan as a remarkable impact on the development of human resources of North Malaita.

God bless Japan.


Jareth Funuga
Kaibia heights