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The pursuit of peace

04 March 2018

Dear Editor – The Solomon Islands Government has once again re-affirmed its pursuit of peace for the ongoing progress, security and stability of the island nation.

I have commented on the challenges that the government faces in bringing about the desired result, but I have never touched upon the fact that where politics has previously failed to bring about the necessary cohesion and national unity so much desired, sports have on numerous occasions succeeded not only in bringing about national cohesion and pride but served to put Solomon Islands on the map as a competitive, fair and sports loving nation.

The UN recognizes that sport is a powerful tool in the pursuance of peace efforts and useful as a means of educating people, particularly, the young about concerning health issues such as HIV/AIDS

In essence sport can give hope to nations and re-kindle the spirit of nationhood.

As Solomon Islands stands today all must pray for peace and stability and sport and the participation in sporting endeavours can make its citizens proud as being Solomon Islanders under one flag and in the united love of a great country set amongst the most beautiful azure seas one can imagine.


Frank Short
Bangkok, Thailand