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The Rain

04 March 2018

Dear Editor – Please publish the following:


The weather man predicted fine

The reality is like a dolphin

Meandering with the current flow

Eating all that meet its part 


This morning; the torrential was heavy

Pushing all the lead, mercury and arsenic

From the dust formed many centuries

Back when the Japanese and the allies

Fought their wars in the Pacific 


Killing all the innocent children

In the name of power and wealth 

And self- seeking demonstration

After all; there is peace and friendship

That relies on economic growth

In the end Japan has owned Solomon Islands.... 


Last night a dream was founded 

That the Solomon's is wise

But the leaders are so vice

That there is not a single growth in all that matters

Except where there is pollution and corruption 


The peak of the hills have already 

Being excavated that what remains

Is the underground streams

Accumulation of dust and lust have collected

On the roof tips of the per diem house

Where per diem is paid for almost all; 


Snoring, napping, gagging, hugging

Bullying, nullifying and muttering silliness and stupidity

Into the hansard records; that all MPs

Shall pay no more for their food, water

And graveyard except when they shall

Take a trip to find more concubines....

As the origin is overly used to irreversibility

After the devil's night.... 


Last night the rain fell fell and fell

That in the night the devil fell and fell

That in the house 50 of them are gathering

To eat each other at the back...

With no tooth to spare for tomorrow... 


Stalin Fiualakwa