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Good talks

06 March 2018


Dear Editor - I read with interest, your front page on 16 February, 2018, of which the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change (SIDCC) was leveled as bowing to pressure from PAs’ demands.

The above reflection is perceived for its sensitiveness because of two core reasons: (1) duration of SIDCC in power is partial, hence, the appointment of PAs must be duty bound to pro-action and possessing visionary direction for the sake of stirring national interests rather than gap fillers; and (2), the downfall of Sogavare government was alleged recruiting, only one of his nephew in his government, hence, a benchmark need to be established by this present government to avoid repercussion.

I wonder, what is liken in the lineup of the selection of political appointees in the Houenipwela government. I only wish that the Prime Minister is conscientiously avoiding one-sidedness as much as possible since it has scarred the former political leadership of Sogavare who is now his Deputy.

Ever since in power, SIDCC is colourful assuring the nation of its determination to do for the country within its life’s span.

 The assurance still continues, even to the launching of its objective policy. I guess, what the nation is expecting now is to hear and see a tangible national project being launched, even just one, regardless whether been continued from the previous government, or new one.

Let’s avoid being called a caretaker government until general election. As collective comrade of national leaders, you are trusted that you can do greater legacy for this nation even in a short timeframe.

Your political appointees are hired for a specific duties, and if they are not equipped as expected, goodnight to them and replace. Enough of seeing some past PAs as political cronies rather than appointees.

Let’s always remember that the God Almighty oversees our earthly government according to His mercy and grace. Hence, national leaders are charged to be His reflection to people they are entrusted to care and serve. Let’s continue praying for our national leaders.


Cherry Galo