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Resources owner spectators

06 March 2018

Dear Editor - While the above statement might be true in some  sense, it is not true to many unrecognized and struggling Solomon Islanders.

In most cases, MPs are to blamed for not supporting economic developments in the rural areas. Cocoa, coconuts, piggeries etc are left abandoned in the villages as financial support is only given to voters by MPs in a form of solar, roofing iron, OBM and school fees.

Majority of the constituencies are no longer contributing to the national economy as there was nothing to trade.

Farmers when applying for assistance are usually turned away due to their political affiliations.

So land owners can be spectators as claimed by the Prime Minister.

Our problem is, we are good at cover up during public speech we hardly admit the truth.

Our people have the land and resources but when not financially supported, they cannot utilize them to bring about economic benefits.

From this observation, I strongly disagree with the PM's media statement. 


John Aonima