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East Are’are constituency

08 March 2018


Dear Editor – Much has been said about the current leadership and its achievements in East Are'are in the past three years.

I would like to share my views based on my personal observation as someone whose home is in the constituency.

First, while the current leadership might be alright, his task force team made the leadership to be rated as the worst in the political history of the constituency.

At this juncture, I wish to salute the former MPs – the late Sir Peter Kenilorea, late Edward Huniehu, and Dickson Warakohia for their contributions in bringing up East Are'are to what it is today.

The schools, clinics, water supplies, hydro, wharves, church buildings, community halls, cocoa plantations, piggery fences etc were established during their times.

Despite very little money they have at those times, they managed to put those important infrastructures.

Today, there is no new development taking shape in the constituency except delivering the Taiwanese funded solar panels.

Iron roofing is yet to be disbursed and road machines are yet to arrive.

The East Are'are 10 years ago is much productive than the one today.

It was productive through its copra and cocoa productions, fish, piggery, timber processing and local crops.

This was because farmers were supported through small subsidies by the then MPs.

Today, nothing of this nature is happening as they focus more on self-service and free hand outs.

What they are popular for is sharing the constituency dues amongst themselves and rendering assistance only to supporters.

This has happened with solar, OBM, Iron roofing, school fees and with scholarships.

This is very real and has caused very painful feelings to the majority of our people.

The majority of our people hardly receive any form of assistance in the last 3 years. Because there were no economic activities in the constituency, our contributions to the national economy are almost nil.

People are finding it hard to earn a dollar each day while the task force is eating up the money in Honiara by owning properties and assets.

While they continue to self-praise themselves in the media, you will hardly find a single school, clinic, water supply or hydro built by the current leadership in the constituency.

Because of this, the likes of Henry Kahui should zip up. 


John Aonima
G- Camp