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International Day of Women

11 March 2018
Women officers of the RSIPF joining the International Women's Day parade last Thursday.

Dear Editor – It is interesting to see some of our women paraded to mark IDOW (''International Day of Women'').

As I ponder why this day has been designated I think it is quite significant in many ways. 

Previously (i.e few decades back), women has always been given a lower status as we grew up with this mindset also dictated by our local environment as well.

However, right down in our homes and our society at large this has been the way most men think which really paralyses the purpose of their original plan and existence in the beginning. 

Perhaps, men have so much to apologies for in terms of the way women are being treated (I am not exempted) first as siblings then later as wife's and/or mothers.

However, I would guess we all have sisters (whether real sister's or cousin sister's etc) and we also know how we treated them based on how we feel as male (masculine) and we all would admit that we don't have control of this particular embedded or implanted feeling of being a little superior (if you like). 

In fact, it is a reality that I am trying to express and have no intention to offend our girls and women.

Therefore, regardless of what status men hold in our society today, this fact is the reason why our country is where it is today but progress has been evident and this day marks the influence of this notion.

To prove this point, jobs that are known to be dominated by men now no longer the case and is accelerated by the notion of gender equality (GE) which now became a second major factor in most recruitment process and selection criteria.

Finally, the notion of GE is widespread with tangible and aggressive steps being taken by local, regional and international agencies to advance and eliminate the mindset we all grew up with, the inferiority complex we have towards our girls and women.

However, I think women deserved to be treated fairly and recognized for their efforts in nation building.

In fact, they have proven track records as peace makers/builders and have the tenacity to make things happen in their homes (which is why we shouldn't leave without).      

In closing, I personally think the next IDOW should be marked by putting men to take the lead in public parade to drive home and promote the ideology of this important day because whether we like it or not makes no difference that changes are evident as they have the international community behind them.      

Obviously, as for our mothers I'd like to leave you the message of your  worthiness nicely expressed in Prov: 31:10 - 23.

Essentially, it is the desperation of all men (especially husbands) to be with a woman of this caliber mentioned in this scripture.

However, I can hear women whispering that they also are entitled to have a man with similar descriptions.

And it needs to be deposited during the marriage journey between the couple with no withdrawals cos when withdrawals starts, the marriage will stand no more.

Long live SI women, your contributions and participation's thus far have not gone unnoticed.

Hence, we need a generation of women who can raise to the challenge to lead SI forward with men leaders.. 


Pita Pelwo