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International Women’s Day

11 March 2018
Participants of the International Women's Day parade, 2018.

Dear Editor – 8th of March 2018 reminds us of the significance of the women’s international day in empowering our young women- a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity and, giving Solomon Islands the knowledge base on which to build a more prosperous, inclusive future for our young women.

 As I went passed the gathering at the city council where parade commenced to my workplace and looking at the march parading and especially at the faces of the paradees, I feel a great sense of excitement and at the same time with great uncertainty about what lies ahead for our all country women.

 INTERNATIONAL Women's Day is a day of recognition and celebration of women globally.

It's one day of the year that recognizes the value that women bring to individual communities and collectively to the world, and showcases the incredible struggles of women who have paved the way for others.

How true is this for our women of Solomon Islands? Do we need to promote our women and put them on global map in any form of system?

Every day is still men’s day so do we need time still in the calendar to recognise our women?

Let’s  take a step back and appreciate who women are as mothers, as entrepreneurs, as community leaders, as young women of vision, as girls rising up to fight the modern-day struggle one hundred years since some women got the right to vote.

So how can you get involved?

People think that influence is reserved for the rich and the powerful, but that's not the case.

What's great about our era compared to the era of the suffragettes is the powerful tool of first knowing how important woman is by instilling that in your minds before acknowledging women in any means as a form of showing appreciation to all women for their existence on the planet earth...

It's incredible how many other people will feel the same as you if you put a shout out on in any way to mark this global women days.

But whether this year's International Women's Day has greater weight in the wake of the women rights movements in the country?

Or I think that the momentum is different, and I think that the outcome will be different because of the momentum.

It's fantastic to see the cause resonating with so many people. I'm seeing women, saying, 'I'm going to use my voice, I'm going to use my hands, I'm going to use my skill set, I'm going to use my platform to help showcase other women and raise awareness'.

The diversity of her work shows the myriad ways you can also get involved.

It's not just about campaigning, but celebrating, so support, motivate, high-five and hug the females in your life this International Women's Day.

What is the commitment to the original aim?  Do we need to achieve full gender equality for women in the country?

Will it extend beyond March 8 to a month-long campaign?

Will it important for the authorities to continue galvanise action for the advancement of women in the country?

To make organisations, corporations, businesses and communities accountable for how far they've gone and how far they're going to promote progress, what would it be like?

Can men of today see how significant women are as I have said in the supplement that without women you will not fulfil your dreams not for you to be a hero but to help make the homes a better place before becoming who you are?

I am not convinced more than ever that greatness is far within country’s (SI) reach.

The country is still at a spontaneous situation for there’s a lot of impediments to mount before deserving half of the cake.

Who is currently enjoying the longest running period of economic growth in our history?

All the indicators are pointing otherwise.

But history tells us that we must not be complacent.

Each and every one of us needs to make a personal commitment to work together – as one nation, one people – if we are to fulfil our destiny by noticing and recognizing how valuable women are in our beloved Solomon Islands.

God Bless ALL women.


John Lalofo