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More pest feat

11 March 2018

Dear Editor – I wish to contribute on the very important above subject in alignment with the latest discovery which has prompted more fears and more worries now to the government’s Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), and the Biosecurity Solomon Islands especially to the beloved island of Moe within the Russel Islands in the Central Islands Province.   

This is because for one ultimate reason that, Russel Island is the home to the biggest Coconut Plantation in Solomon Islands, owned by Levers Solomon Ltd.

However, with that as a concern citizen and native, I am so worried as well and fearful too, that the foot and aerial soldiers of the deadly military army of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle which had recently just been sighted invading the beloved island of Moe as part of Russel Islands Coconut Plantation, (valued $15 Million) in the Central Islands Province, would  also successfully make their move further down on to the Western Province and cause fearful damage, devastation and left  the local plantation owners who depend on coconut as their means for economy and  social benefits for survival and livelihood, individually, family, community, school, churches and the nation as a whole.

Anyway, how I personally perceived the deadly pest, Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle’s attack is very real as it is too harmful and hurtful to the young and mature coconut palm trees evident in the ‘V’ shape, unbearable and unbelievable to my own eyes.

This is worse than the other natural disasters compared to Earthquake, Tsunami and Cyclones, which aftermath, we can still recover back very easily and quickly economically and socially as soon as possible, through means of the international humanitarian support, supply and assistance in terms of   money and in kinds.

What I simply mean is that this pest will always stay with us, be with us and be part of us if necessary control steps and eradications strategies, plans and measures are not taken and applied appropriately, to destroy the deadly foot and aerial army of the deadly Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, as soon as possible, or immediately. Otherwise!

Wherefore, it is timely, accordingly and early to start before it’s too late to map out the strategies of the deadly pest by calling and conducting a workshop to tackle the army of the deadly Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle before we are all killed and dead through our tree of life, without any single grace and mercy.

I hereby applaud the Biosecurity Solomon Islands and the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Task Force, for conducting the very important workshop inviting very important stakeholders throughout the country to attend, put your heads and brains together, and come up with the best and quick solution whereby we can control and eradicate or, put an end to the deadly pest, before it’s too late.

Over to you!

God bless Solomon Islands from shore to shore.


Lloyd Andrew Hatamane
West Kola Ridge
Central Honiara