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Traffic - way forward

11 March 2018


Dear Editor – Allow me a space in your newspaper to say about the above caption.

Honiara City is known for its traffic flow problem regionally and it has been a liability to every stakeholder. 

This issue needs to be addressed by every stakeholders rather than just putting the blame on The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, each stakeholder should initiate or identify what role they should play in the process of addressing this traffic issue. 

Here are some of the contributions from few stakeholders that I suggest it might help ease the traffic issue that we are currently facing:

  • The Solomon Island Ports Authority should only allow loading or unloading of containers from heavy duty vehicles at certain hours and mainly the off peak hours.

  • The Ministry of Finance & Treasury through its Inland Revenue Division should impose higher taxation on the importation of old vehicles.

  • The Honiara City Council should Monitor Public Bus drivers with careless driving behaviors and impose hefty penalties if get caught. In addition Honiara City Council through Health or Environment Division with the support from the Ministry of Health & Medical Services to inspect these sewage or shock leakages from this Chinese Commercial buildings all throughout the City and impose heavy penalties, because these leakages just runs off to the main road which we already didn’t have proper road corridors.

  • The public as a whole should also be cooperative use proper allocated crossing paths rather than just crossing our main road where ever they want.

I strongly believe that if the stakeholders and the public could work together implement some of these points that I raise, then it will gradually improve and help address our current traffic issue.

George Hiri
USP – SI Campus