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China influence

19 June 2018

Dear Editor - There have been concerns over our connections with the Republic of Taiwan (ROC) and the mainland China.

Its an issue which got everybody talking and raising their views.

Some said, its time to pull out of ROC and join mainland China.

However, there are others who opted for Solomon Islands to remain with our traditional partner, ROC.

In the region, the Chinese influence is growing and a number of our pacific island countries have recognised mainland China.

They do so because of funding support through grants and other loans.

So if you visit some of these countries like Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, PNG and few others, you would note the infrastructure development being built as a result of their connection with mainland China.

However, it was highlighted that these funding support comes with conditions.

Over the weekend a 60minute documentary has highlighted how China is playing its game by providing funding support and expecting something in return if you fail to settle your loans.

So if you fail to pay your debts, China will take something in return for the debt. For example, if you fail to pay up, something like an island, part of your sea or a port will be seized.

And this is a concern and fear by some regional leaders and leaders.

The Cook Island opposition has also expressed its concern over the China connection because their action is putting pacific island countries in huge debts.

So, as a nation we should also think about about this careful before making any move to have ties with China.

Our connection with ROC, personally is still the best.

They have provided funds with a good heart and its the leaders that should properly use it wisely to serve our people and not for political gain as was the practise by our MPs.

In the meantime, lets thank ROC for its continued support support. 


Josh Den Jnr