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A true football loving nation

25 June 2018

Dear Editor - Though the news is by now a bit outdated, I am writing to say how much I admired the Marist supporters in their match against Lautoka. 

They were relaxed, friendly and welcoming, even though the hillside seat that I found might have been daunting to many fellow Europeans. 

As it was only my second week in the Solomon Islands, I was grateful for the polite and generous reception I received from the fans.

 Another feature of the game that was notable was the good sportsmanship displayed by the supports of both teams. 

Rather than attacking each other or the players, both sets of supporters generously cheered for dazzling displays of skill by both sides. 

Although there were no goals for Marist on the Honiara leg, in the end any displays of individual flair were still loudly appreciated with cheers from the crowd.

Having been lucky enough to attend a premier league match and even an Italian Serie A game in the past, as well as numerous League of Ireland fixtures, I can safely say that the spirit displayed by the Marist and Lautoka supporters were totally generous and sportsmanlike. 

It was an honour to be involved and especially to be so welcomed, as a solo traveling supporter.  Thanks and all the best to Marist next year.


Sebastian Kevany
University of California, San Francisco