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US offer to Malaita

23 September 2019

DEAR EDITOR – In the Solomon star of Friday 20th Malaita  premier Suidani said that the SIG decision to sever ties with Taiwan deprived Malaita and its people largely from benefiting from a USD$300 million package offered by USA to  Malaita for its development aspirations.

I think this is a latest move by USA to isolate and rescue Malaita from the rest of the Solomons who are falling into the arms of the communist PRC under DCGA leadership.

To begin, In my view I think towards the election of the PM Sogavare, USA had closely eyed the election progress and know PRC is meddling in with the election process and already anticipate that Sogavare will be elected.

USA also knew that if Sogavare becomes PM his government would very likely review Solomon relations with its friend Taiwan and would be likely switch to the communist PRC.  

When Sogavare was voted as PM, Malaitans especially disagreed with the result because Sogavare’s previous governments failed miserably to address Malaita’s development needs.

In the following weeks after he was sworn in as PM,  Sogovare with the majority of support from his MPs began to review DCGA ties with Taiwan and considering switching ties to PRC as anticipated.

Towards the end of 100 days when the DCGA is still sitting on the fence considering whether to remain with Taiwan or switch to PRC,  Malaita Ma’asina Forum declared Malaita’s determination for self-governance(independence)and I think that is the time USA is offering the USD$300 million to Malaita for its development needs as it is becoming clearer to the USA at that time the tide is turning in favor of the PRC therefore DCGA will likely make a switch to PRC.

In the days, weeks and months to come the battle of the world’s two superpowers for Solomon Islands and the rest of the Pacific island nations is intensifying just as a cyclone did.


Ron Deva
West Honiara