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Is China our saviour?

23 September 2019

DEAR EDITOR – What a sad day – now that some of our leaders have chosen China! 

You will be held accountable by the generations to come for the choice that you have made today!

Do we not realise that we have a third choice besides the CHINA or TAIWAN saga?

And that third choice is to go with GOD, Almighty, the Creator, the Beginning and End of all things. 

He is the One who owns all things!

There are so many arguments for and against, but we must apply God’s wisdom to conduct those arguments.

If only our decision makers – who have not taken the wishes and opinions of their people into consideration – will move from where they are (with their worldly wisdom and worldly degrees and diplomas) and move higher (seeking God’s wisdom) to look carefully at where we are. 

That is, look at things from where GOD is – go up higher – then you will see further.

Where you stand now in the dust of the earth, you can only see a few yards in front of you.  

So you do not seethe mess we are heading towards?

We are still clinging to that ‘beggar’ mentality, that ‘borrower’ mentality!

And over the past 40 years we have continued to remain the tail and not the head, the borrower and not the lender! We now need GOD more than ever before.

If we look to Him and Him alone, we will not need to choose between China and Taiwan and some other 'big man' nation! 

If we obey the commands that GOD has given us, He will make us the Head and not the Tail, the Lender and not the Borrower - because remember, we are named after King Solomon, the richest and wisest king that ever lived (according to the Bible). 

However, some of our politicians do not recognise Solomon’s legacy, and have listened to the voices of this world and not to the voice of GOD!

Have we not learnt anything from the experiences of the Israelites – a small nation like us surrounded by larger nations?

When they obeyed the commands of God, they were blessed, and foreigners served them. 

When they disobeyed God, they became the slaves and servants of foreigners. 

Are we headed in that direction? Are we already there?

People of Solomon Islands, now is the time (more than ever before) to hearken to  2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land…”

So as a concerned mother and grandmother of my children and grandchildren and future generations, I am asking all mothers and grandmothers to come together to FAST and PRAY for our beloved nation, our politicians and the decisions that are being made to sell our birthright.

H. Loretta