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Father’s Day

23 September 2019

DEAR EDITOR - Many thanks to Lawrence Kiko of Borderline for his comments and most importantly highlighting the brief history about the original idea and theme of what is father’s day concept.  Solomon Star Issue No. 7311, Tuesday 3 September 2019. 

Properly to us in Solomon Islands (Melanesia) we might have had the original cultural and traditional ways and means of respecting fathers which I think ethnical and diverse in gender equality.

For example each time in life when the husband (father) went fishing the wife had to share the catch with their parents and extended families as a sign of respect and real love.

In other words our great ancestors had been practising gifts in a simple way that portrayed deeper understanding of the wisdom of offering gifts in the ethical sense verbally that new generation never at all respected although the supreme national constitution upholds with all due respect.

Solomon Islands had adopted so many important days to mark and celebrates that includes mother’s day; children’s day; and fathers day – which I think all depend entirely on gender equality  in order to make these days a real happy day to enjoy and give thanks to God the creator and sustainers of life on this planet (earth).

Children had to prepare food (feast) both cooked and uncooked to feed their father at his old age and actually their fathers tribes had to receive the food prepar3ed on behalf of the father.

This is the day of thanksgiving and appreciation by the children to their father for leading the family in good times and bad times.

The cultural and traditional concept of why children had to feed their father is also very very important rights of having access enjoying their father’s tribal resources (land) after his death.

Rationally in my very humble view, children positive and regular supporting their parents basic needs is also necessary at old age not counting the costs.

Basically and intentionally it is also vital to look at fathers in the picture of diverse cultures and traditions.  That wives as mothers to the family must understand their roles and responsibilities the same with husbands as fathers of the family.

But again with all due respect to the idea of the original father’s day perhaps white men culture is privacy and isolation.  Therefore it was a history in celebrating father’s day compared to (Melanesians) Solomon Islands who depend upon each other in so many ways if I’m correct.

Mat. N. Sao Waifo
Marovo Lagoon
Western Province