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Women and Girls should be protected

27 March 2020

DEAR EDITOR – As a student and a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands, I urge men to have respect for women and girls in society. 

It is very sad to hear and read about women and girls being raped and indecently assaulted by such disrespectful men.

Currently, there are women and girls who are the victims of rape and indecent assaults in the villages, and communities within the provinces. 

Girls between the age of 4 and 20 years old are experiencing this brutal doing of disrespectful men. 

There was a case of a girl of five years old being indecently assaulted by an old man. 

This is a child and they need caring and protection from adult males. 

These girls and women are innocent and have their rights to be respected in whatever circumstances they are in. 

Women and girls are significant people in society in terms of social and economic development.

The government, Non-government organization, civil society group, and communities should work collaboratively to stop this issue of rape and indecent assaults of women and girls in the communities. 

There should be an awareness of the importance and the protection of women and girls and encourage effective reporting of families of the victims to police can minimize or stop these incidents from happening in the future.

Men should now be civilized and not rape and indecently assaulting women and girls in our communities. 

We must respect women and girls in any environment we see them. 

Men, it is our Christian duty to have respect for women and girls in our society.


Trevor Tukochi
USP Emalus Campus