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Coronavirus saga & NPF Contribution

27 March 2020

DEAR EDITOR – All the Government Ministries have been updated on the Government strategy and preparedness for this deadly virus that almost holds the whole world’s attention. 

It goes as far as the declaration of the state of emergency by the GG, throughout the country as well as locking down.  

Any lockdown is going to be the last resort that the government of the day could do. That means, every office and service will be closed down and no movement no nothing. 

It encourages everyone to leave the town and go home. 

While it is good, unless the government could help financially, officers cannot just leave and go home without any rice or noodles. 

It was on that line that I would like to suggest that if the government can assist the general public to get at least part of their contributions with the NPF to assist in their plight. 

I strongly believe that a lot of public officers are caught by surprise and the only source of help is their NPF contribution. 

In other words, the contribution was for future use, but if there is any time that I need this fund most, it is right now! 

How to loan against, how to get this is the difficult part that is why it is only necessary that under this circumstance, the government should negotiate with the NPF management for that possibility. 

To the management of the NPF, this is an abnormal situation where it requires everybody’s understanding. 

Unless the government got enough to support and repatriate the officers, I strongly believe the government should help officers to get their NPF contribution to assist them if things come to worse. 

Those who are up in the top management should take this as one option as we prepare for the worst.  


John Beti